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Taiwan Expo in Vietnam -Media List-The opportunities are here! TIWW and CE Taiwan


The opportunities are here! TIWW and CE Taiwan

  • Online Date: 2020/05/14
  • Modify Date: 2020/09/26

Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW) and Circular Economy Taiwan (CE Taiwan) are the best platform to explore Green Gold and New Blue Ocean Markets.

FThe TIWW, which focuses on the sustainable use of water resources, will exhibit a large number of turn-key projects for reclaimed water and treatment, plant equipment applications and innovative technologies.
FThe CE Taiwan, which is committed to maximizing the effectiveness of resource utilization, will expand to showcase cross-industrial applications, innovative business models for circular economy, and technological products and solutions for green energy and environmental protection.

FTogether B2B trade shows and various events such as international forums, product launches, one-on-one procurement meetings, TIWW and CE Taiwan offers an excellent platform for domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers to interact and exchange ideas with each other. The event will upgrade Taiwanese talents and technologies with more global insights.

If you come to TIWW and CE Taiwan, you will find out what opportunities are in TAIWAN for you.

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Hope to see you at #TIWW and #CETaiwn this September.